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Can A.I. Make A Better Chocolate Cake Than a Pastry Chef?

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Will a chocolate cake recipe developed by GPT-3, one of the most advanced A.I. language models in the world, make a chocolate cake that tastes better than a pastry chef’s? We’ll find out after Jasmine makes the A.I. recipe and L.A. Time Food Cooking Columnist Ben Mims makes his own chocolate cake recipe and taste-tester Jeri chooses a winner.

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00:00 Intro
00:31 GPT-3's Recipe
01:25 Ben's Recipe
01:58 So Far We're Making Cookies?
02:15 Combining Ben's Dry Ingredients
02:39 Combining GPT-3's Dry Ingredients
03:24 Combining Ben's Wet Ingredients
04:21 Mixing GPT-3's Batter
05:13 Dividing Ben's Batter & Bake
05:37 Dividing GPT-3's Batter & Bake
06:08 Ben's Chocolate Ganache Frosting
06:48 CPT-3's Frosting
07:23 Mixing Ben's Frosting
07:58 Finishing CPT-3's Frosting
08:24 Assembling Ben's Cake
09:04 Assembling GPT-3's Cake
10:17 Taste Test
11:15 Moment of Truth!

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