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Can climate change cause more disease? - 6 Minute English

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Every year, mosquito-borne diseases kill around three-quarters of a million globally, but could it get worse with climate change? With warming temperatures, mosquitos are now spreading to new areas, including Europe. We’ll hear about dengue fever, one of the diseases they bring, and teach you related vocabulary.

❓❓❓This week's question
Dengue isn’t the only sickness mosquitos spread, so which of the following is also a mosquito-borne disease?
a) ebola
b) cholera
c) malaria
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

✔️symptom - physical signs of the presence of an illness or disease in your body

✔️fever - medical condition in which your body temperature is higher than normal, and your heart beats very fast

✔️critical window - limited period of time during which action must be taken to achieve a desired result

✔️host - plant or animal that another plant or animal lives on as a parasite, or uses for food

✔️a part of the jigsaw/puzzle - a part of a complicated or continuing situation that helps you to understand it

✔️domino effect - situation in which something, usually bad, happens, causing further negative events to happen

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