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Chocolate Dipping Spoons to pair with Starbucks Coffee | Elise Strachan | My Cupcake Addiction

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I LOVE to personalise my coffee so I decided to make flavored spoons! Cinnamon Sugar (with tiny donuts!) chocolate raspberry, french vanilla - this is the ultimate way to personalise your coffee and the perfect home-made treat!
Flavour ingredients list is below:
French vanilla:
White chocolate (melted)
Vanilla bean paste
Salted Caramel:
White chocolate (melted)
Caramel chew candies
Sea salt flakes
Cinnamon Sugar:
White chocolate (melted)
Cinnamon sugar
Pink candy melts & sprinkles (for the donuts!)
Chocolate Raspberry:
Dark chocolate (melted)
Freeze dried raspberry pieces
Chocolate Mint
Dark chocolate (melted)
Peppermint extract or essence
Green sprinkles or green sanding sugar
Rich Mocha:
Dark chocolate (melted)
Mini milk chocolate chips
For more coffee inspired recipes, head to: www.starbucks.com/athome
Disclosure: This video is sponsored by Starbucks. All opinions stated are my own.
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