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Deconstructed TIRAMISU Dessert Recipe | Elise Strachan | My Cupcake Addiction

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More Starbucks Recipes: www.starbucks.com/athome
Today I made a classic Tiramisu that's anything but classic! It's a modern deconstructed dessert partially served in a chocolate cup!
Here's the recipe:
2 cups strong black coffee
12 sponge fingers (lady fingers) (6 per portion)
150g dark chocolate (to make chocolate cups)
A little powdered chocolate or cocoa to serve
Mousse recipe:
250ml cream, divided
75g dark chocolate
3 tablespoons Starbucks strong brewed coffee
To make the mousse:
Combine 50ml of cream with 75g dark chocolate and microwave on 30 second intervals until the chocolate has completely melted. There should be no lumps. Allow to cool
Semiwhip cream to soft peaks – do not overwhip
Fold the cooled chocolate mixture along with the cooled coffee mixture into the semiwhiwped cream
To make the cups
Melt 150g dark candy melts until smooth
Take 2 small disposable coffee cups and pour 50g of chocolate into each cup. Tilt the cup until the candy melt completely covers the insides
Set in the refrigerator for 20 minutes
Once set, press gently on the base of the cup and release the chocolate from within to reveal 2 small chocolate cups
Using a zip seal bag or piping bag, pipe the mousse mixtures into 2 prepared chocolate cups
To serve: Place 5-6 coffee beans on one corner of the plate. Take a little powdered chocolate and sift over the coffee beans. Carefully remove 3 of the beans to reveal the outline of the bean surrounded by chocolate.
Stack sponge fingers in a neat pile and serve alongside the small espresso cup of coffee and chocolate mousse cup
For more coffee inspired recipes, head to: www.starbucks.com/athome
Disclosure: This video is sponsored by Starbucks. All opinions stated are my own.
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