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Clarity on Spirit Science

11.11 Single Day
There have been a lot of questions recently about Spirit Science and it's evolution. What are we up to, where are we going. Some people had made up some ideas as well about Spirit Science becoming Cult-Like and a new Religion, which Jordan and I thought was ridiculous. So we decided to put together this video to shine some Clarity on the matter.
We both apologize for creating any confusion that we may have, and we thank you loving beings for staying loving and kind no matter what video is posted. As for everyone who has been so mean and nasty recently, perhaps this video can help clear up some things about how you have been feeling... and perhaps this can also be a reminder not to be so mean. It doesn't serve anyone, especially yourself.
Were new to this whole "travel the world, make fun videos, shift the planet" stuff as well, so we ask that you be patient with us. It gets hard to manage 50 emails a day asking for spiritual guidance constantly.
Keep asking questions, make decisions for yourself, and move forward into light!
Create what you want to create, and trust yourself above all else! (Your true self!)
I love you! Have a Happy New Year!!
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