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Spirit Science 25 ~ Singularities

Follow Patchman and his new compadre Patchgirl on a journey to discover the true nature of what humans call "Singularities".
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I'm also excited to introduce Patchgirl ~ A long lost friend of Patchmans. They're going to work together to create new videos for you! Patchgirl is a little shy, so give her a little while to get her throat chakra in tune.
This week, they are diving deeper into the void of the Black Hole to the very core - the Singularity. But hold on... "Singularity" is a pretty broad term. The idea of a Singularity is different from the idea of a Black Hole - we need to get clear on what all of these terms actually mean, so lets talk about it!
This video is a culmination and a result of a lot of reading, discussion, and even letting go of old ideas in favor of new ones - the merging and union of our different sciences into one.
Sources are listed at the bottom of this post on the Spirit Science Website!
Its not easy, and of course, we are going to get plenty wrong along the way, but that's part of the fun! Finding out where we're wrong in order to explore where we're right. One of the ways I believe we are wrong is that General Relativity and Quantum Physics are not seperate.
Believe me - I understand how complex of a puzzle it is. They both appear to have two completely different laws and structures in how they work... This isn't supposed to be easy, scientists have been trying to find a unified theory of everything since the day Einstein proposed it, if not for a long time before that too.
Just because we haven't found it, doesn't mean its not there. There's a lot to this picture here. Black Holes demonstrate how both systems function together - it's baffling to us, but it's right there. All we need to do now is to understand the mechanism and design that they do follow - and all of the mathematics should click into place.
This is an exploration into that.
I'd also like to thank Celine Halpin for helping me to create new Spirit Science cartoons :) Without her, they wouldn't be happening, and we're having a blast making them together!
If you'd like to read more, you can read some additional information and get sources on the Spirit Science Website.
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