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English lesson 99 - Wean Off. Vocabulary & Grammar lessons to speak fluent English - ESL

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Daily Video Vocabulary Episode 99 - Wean off

It is very difficult to break a habit that you have been following for a long time. A habit can't be broken immediately or in a day or two. It takes some time for a person to get used to not having or using something that he was addicted to.

The word 'wean off' actually means to stop depending on something you like, or something that you have gotten used to, moreover a bad habit.

When you slowly and gradually make someone stop using something that is bad for them, it means you are trying to make them wean themselves off something.

For example, if someone is addicted to drinking alcohol, they may find it difficult to stop consumption all of a sudden. To break free from the habit of drinking, they can slowly wean themselves off it.

Example 01 : Josephine weaned her kids off their obsession, of watching cartoons till late night, by tucking them early into bed.

Example 02 : Michelle has gotten so used to smoking, she now finds it very difficult to wean herself off cigarettes.

Example 03 : Vicky is on a rigid diet due to his high cholesterol level, he struggles to wean himself off junk food that he could liberally eat a few weeks ago.

Example 04 : Despite repeated attempts, Rachael wasn't successful in weaning her husband off gambling every night.

Example 05 : Continuous use of tongs and hot curlers, ruined the quality of Jennifer's hair. She has been asked to wean herself off them.
Example 06 : Richard has to wean himself off the habit of getting late to work if he wants to retain his job.

Example 07 : James isn't weaning himself off throwing temper tantrums at work, he often lands up arguing with his colleagues.

Example 08 : Being in the final year of university , Walter doesn't intend to wean himself off his obsession with playing computer games by using the time for his studies.

Example 09 : His teacher forced little John to wean himself off the habit of picking his nose by keeping an eye on him in the classroom.
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