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English lesson 78 - PRECARIOUS. Vocabulary & Grammar lessons to speak fluent English - ESL

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Daily Video Vocabulary Episode 78 : Precarious

Have you ever felt you are in a dangerous or an uncertain situation?
The word precarious basically means something that is risky or something that is unstable.When you do something that involves a lot of uncertainty and high risks, it means you are doing something that is precarious.
It also means something that is barely hanging on and that is likely to collapse or come down crashing.For example, If you are an adventurous person, you might do precarious things, that means, you undertake activities that are risky or unsafe . Most road accidents occur due to intoxication, thus drinking and driving is a precarious
As the word precarious describes a situation or an act of being risky or dangerous, it is an adjective.

Example 01 : Due to the precarious weather conditions, all the flights were cancelled.

Example 02 : The precarious drop in the company's share prices at the stock market put the management team in a state of panic and worry.

Example 03 : The precarious tunnel on the highway resulted in many accidents and is now know as the death tunnel.

Example 04 : Despite of the best medication given by the doctor, grandmother's health remained precarious.

Example 05 : Sarah knows that modeling is not just a precarious profession but also a short lived one , still she is determined to pursue it.

Example 06 : The use of mobile phone at the fuel station is banned, as it's very precarious and may lead to an explosion.

.Example 07 : Bikers indulge in precarious racing for their passion of bike riding.

Example 08 : Stock trading is considered as one of the most precarious way of making quick money due to the instability of the share market.

Example 09 : The window cleaner was hanging in a precarious position on the outer wall when his safety rope snapped.

Example 10 : The passerby's on the street applauded the little girls precarious act of walking on the strings.

Example 11 : To earn his livelihood, Bob does the precarious job of an undersea diver.
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