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Full Japanese Hotel Tour | What are Japanese Hotels Really Like?

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Join us for a complete Japanese Hotel Tour as we take you around all areas of our hotel including our room, common spaces, guest facilities and more at Nikko Station II. For our trip to Japan we almost exclusively rented apartments; however, with a chance to find good accommodations in Nikko at a hotel we jumped at the opportunity. We found the hotel to be loaded with guest services including outside locker storage, a plethora of vending machines, laundry facilities, lounging area, dining hall and more.
The Hotel Room Tour features our small room which has modern conveniences such as a air conditioning, a small fridge and television and a bathroom featuring a modern Japanese toilet. Complimentary breakfast was served every morning and we found the staff overall to be very friendly. We really enjoyed staying in a hotel in Japan (Nikko Station II) and we recommend considering it for your trip to Japan if you're visiting Nikko.
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Full Japanese Hotel Tour | What are Japanese Hotels Really Like? Transcript:
We are currently in Nikko and we're going to be checking out tomorrow morning. This is the only hotel we have booked for our two months in Japan. It has been apartments the whole time.
We have a Ryokan coming up. We sure do. It is definitely not a hotel.
We wanted to take this opportunity to give you guys a tour of a Japanese Hotel so you can see what they are like. I think there is a few quirks, a few differences that you don't necessarily find in North American hotels. And you notice those right at the beginning.
Let's just get started. Let's walk into this hotel.
We are staying at Nikko Station II which is right across from the train station basically. In true Japanese style a vending machine of course.
We've got green tea. Coffee drinks. Water.
There is a coin locker outside of the hotel. I guess this is like if you're checking out. Check out is in the morning and if you are not leaving right away maybe you are sticking around you'd use the lockers.
Let's start making our way into the hotel.
There is a smoking space.
Before you even get in your have umbrellas for guests.
There is a laundry machine and another vending machine with noodles cups.
There is also a pant press machine that you can take to your room.
We are at the end of the hall. Room 425.
Let's begin the actual room tour. This is a Japanese Hotel shoes need to come off. They did leave us some fancy little slippers.
As soon as you walk in you've got this tiny closet. A foot wide.
Speaking of lots of buttons we have a toilet with lots of buttons.
It is a small bathroom. We've got a hairdryer. They've left us two toothbrushes with toothpaste.
We have body soap and rinse in shampoo.
We have a bed flush against the wall. Very space efficient.
That concludes the room portion of the hotel tour. We'll remember our cameras tomorrow morning we're going to have breakfast and show you that breakfast area the foods they serve.
It is a mix of Japanese and Western food.
A tour of my breakfast tray. I got some rice with curry. Little bit of pickled stuff over here. A sausage, scrambled eggs. They have mini cherry tomatoes. They also have slices of baguette bread.
I would say that pretty much concludes our Japanese Hotel tour. I feel like we've seen everything there is to see. We've shown you everything we can. Behind the scenes. Maybe you found a few quirky elements. Now you know what to expect from your first Japanese hotel when you come and travel here.
This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese experiences - like staying in this Japanese hotel!
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