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JAPANESE KIT KATS Taste Test | Trying STRANGE Japanese Kit Kat Flavours!

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Come join us for a Japanese Kit Kats taste test as we try a whoe bunch of different only available in Japan uniquely flavored kit kat bars in our apartment in Tokyo, Japan. Overall, we definitely preferred some Japanese Kit Kats over others as you'll see from our reactions but some were defiitely great whereas others were awful.

Overall we got to try 11 different Japanese Kit Kat bars:

1) Oichi Matcha Kit Kat.
2) Raspberry Kit Kats.
3) Mint Kit Kat.
4)Dark Chocolate Kit Kats.
5) Wasabi Kit Kat.
6) Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat.
7) Strawberry Ice Cream Sunday Kit Kat.
8) Oreo Kit Kat.
9) Amazaki Kit Kats.
10) Sakura and roasted soy bean Kit Kats.
11) Sake Kit Kat.

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JAPANESE KIT KATS Taste Test | Trying STRANGE Japanese Kit Kat Flavours! Transcript:

Alright guys! Today we are going to be doing a Kit Kat taste test. I love Kit Kats chocolates. Yeah. And Japan apparently has over 300 flavors which is insane. It blows my mind because in North America I've only seen about two or three different kinds. I've seen ones with peanut butter and maybe a dark chocolate and regular and that is about it. Some exciting stuff.

In Japan there is over 300 which is crazy and they vary by region. Do you want to expain that? So the flavors are both seasonal and regional. So in order to try some of the flavors you actually have to travel to that prefecture. Yeah.

We didn't have that luxury so we actually just scoured convenience stores and Don Quijote. Yeah. Supermarkets and we were able to find eleven flavors. I know. Eleven is not bad. It is certainly enough for this taste test and they are all. It is such a random combination.

It is the most ecelectic combination of flavors you can imagine. And we can't wait to show you what they are.

And also if you are wondering why Kit Kat is so popular in Japan. It is because the name Kit Kat kind of sounds a little bit like Kitakatsu which means you will surely succeed or you will surely win.

So Kit Kats in Japan ran this whole marketing campaign about how you could give a Kit Kat to a student in order to wish them luck and wish them success in their studies. You know what? We're going to need a lot of luck to eat all 11 of these so wish us some luck.

Let's get started. Let's get started.

Oichi Matcha Kit Kat.

Raspberry Kit Kats.

Mint Kit Kat.

Dark Chocolate Kit Kats.

Wasabi Kit Kat.

Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kat.

Strawberry Ice Cream Sunday Kit Kat.

Oreo Kit Kat.

Amazaki Kit Kats.

Sakura and roasted soy bean Kit Kats.

Sake Kit Kat.

So first up we are going to be starting with Green Tea Kit.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

Music by Artlist: https://artlist.io/Audrey-184699
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