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Gemma's 1st Q&A: Get to Know Gemma - Bigger Bolder Baking

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This week, I answer your questions & more in my first Q&A!
Watch my NEW episode: 3 Holiday Pies & Thanksgiving Collaboration ()
Hi Bold Bakers! Thank you for all the great questions this week. In my first Q&A, I hope you learn more about my personal and professional background, my passion for baking, and some fun facts that you asked for. Plus, there are a few announcements including some holiday surprises I think you’ll really enjoy. And come back tomorrow (November 14th) for a full episode of Bigger Bolder Baking featuring my 3 Holiday Pies and an entire Thanksgiving meal playlist as part of a Kin Community Collaboration. Enjoy! -Gemma
Links Referenced in the Video:
* Homemade Ice Cream Recipe:
* Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe:
* Meringue Roulade:
Some of my favorite YouTube Channels:
* youtube.com/EntertainingWithBeth
* youtube.com/RosannaPansino
* youtube.com/CupcakesandCardio
* youtube.com/JamieOliver
* youtube.com/CupcakeJemma
* youtube.com/SortedFood
* youtube.com/MindOverMunch
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