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Hair Fall Solution and Treatment - Hair Loss Home Treatment 2018 and beyond

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Hair Fall Solution and Treatment - Hair Loss Home Treatment 2018 and beyond
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These products are just a temporary fix and definitely not the permanent solution.
For God’s sake, the creator of minoxidil, Dr. Guinter Kahn, was a good man, but boy I am sorry to say it: he was bald himself.
Not only he was unable to stop his own hair loss, as you can see for yourself in this short article from The New York Times, but he was even allergic to it.
Despite all this, because balding can be seriously depressing, the average hair loss sufferer, full of hope, begins trying one of these products, or any of the countless pills or treatments that the medical community has been brainwashing us with for decades, but realizes it's either not working, has side effects or it's too costly.
In fear of worsening, he tries another product and realizes it's not working either, so he tries another one again and again, jumping from one treatment to the next, hoping that something will eventually work.
The spiral begins with trust and hope, but it ends with fear and eventually disbelief.
Many people eventually give up and go bald, but not before having spent a consistent amount of money, and guess what – zero results.
That explains why there are so many bald guys around.
Unless you get a costly and often unnatural-looking hair transplant, a bald head will be your destiny too, if you don't do something effective right now.
And today you actually can with the END-HAIR-LOSS FULL PROGRAM: a natural alternative to Minoxidil and Propecia, that doesn’t have any of the side effects mentioned earlier today.
I know it seems too good to be true, and you are probably still very skeptical at this point, I will give you that, but keep watching my presentation and I will explain.
My system is based on a little-known method that literally forces your body to stop hair loss naturally, often within just a few weeks of its use.
It has to do with restoring the inner health of your hair roots and how you can use your body's astonishing capacity to heal itself, to make your scalp healthy, prevent and stop any further hair loss for all the years to come.
Now you may be wondering what makes my program so special, and different from all the other hair loss programs and products out there...
Let me briefly tell you my story, and you will understand.
It all began around the end of 1991, when my own hair started to thin out visibly, and I was afraid to end up just like my father, who has lost his hair in his early twenties.
At that time, I had long hair as you can see in the photo of me in the early ‘90s, and I loved it.
When I realized that my hair loss was excessive, I bought several treatments in the form of lotions, pills and shampoos, but none of these gave the results I expected.
I had to do something effective fast: I was too young to go bald!
I started to read and study every single article, book, medical magazine, and encyclopedia looking for the solution to hair loss.
One of the aspects of hair loss that mostly attracted my attention was the fact that nobody loses hair on top of the neck and ears, not even when we age, as you can see in this video of these elderly men.
In those areas our hair remains healthy and immune to the 3 main enemies of the health of our hair.
These factors, recognized as the 3 main causes of hair loss by the majority of the researchers and scientists, are:
• The decrease of the micro blood circulation to the hair roots;
• The male hormone DHT, which attacks and destroys the hair follicles and a third one, that I didnt mention before, but still quite important
• Scalp conditions like dermatitis, skin irritations, excessively oily
or dry hair.
I asked myself “Why the hair in those areas of the scalp remains so strong and immune to these 3 factors, while it has a tendency to fall out in the upper part of the head?”
Yet, the hair structure is actually the same all over the scalp.
Analyzing the scalp and the head anatomy of thousands of people from all over the world, I found the answer to this question, and the solution to this problem.
Look at this man chewing gum.
Notice how the area over the neck and ears, moves in perfect synchrony with the movements of the muscles of the mouth, the jaw and the temples, and the chewing occurs through the coordinated action of these different muscle groups.
In this video you can clearly see the contractions and the motion that the muscles used in this action, give to the tissues over the ears and neck.
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