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Biotin for Hair Loss and Hair Growth -- How to stop hair fall and boost hair regrowth with Biotin

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Biotin for Hair Loss and Hair Growth How to stop hair fall and boost hair regrowth with Biotin
Biotin is a important vitamin, belonging to the B vitamins family, and plays a key role in the health of the skin, nail, and our hair, preventing baldness and boosting hair growth.
All B vitamins help the body to convert carbohydrates from food into glucose, which is used to produce energy.
Biotin, among the B vitamins, is the most beneficial for our hair, and is also known as Vitamin H, which stems from the German “Haar” a word that means hair.
What a hint!
This vitamin is also essential in your body’s metabolism, helping to process energy and transporting carbon dioxide from your body’s cells,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart; while Dr. Richard Scher, a dermatologist who is widely known for his expertise on nail care and disorders, believes taking the vitamin does improve the keratin infrastructure, the basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails.
The benefits of this vitamin were first discovered when horses were given a biotin supplement, to treat their brittle and cracked hoofs – this is the horse hoof, in case you didn’t know the meaning of this word.
Once the horse where given biotin, veterinarians saw not only an improvement with the horses hoofs, but also their hair became soft and longer.
Biotin can help you fight alopecia, and also acts as a coenzyme, which is needed for the metabolism of glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids in our body.
This processes is important because proper digestive function relates to the body’s ability of absorbing the nutrients needed.
When these nutrients are properly absorbed by the body, they act to restore proper function and nutrients to the nails, hair, skin, as well as internal system function.
When the body stops absorbing key nutrients, that’s when our bodies damage our skin, hair, and nails resulting in physical changes as well as increased notion of aging.
Like all B vitamins, Biotin is water soluble, meaning the body does not store it.
This means that it is rare to have an overload of this vitamin, as the excess you take, will be eliminated through your urines.
Aside from supplement forms of biotin, biotin can be found in:
• Meats (27mg)
• Eggs (15mg)
• Avocado (3mg)
• Berries 1 cup (0.2mg)
• Fish (4.5mg)
• Mushrooms 1 cup (0.2-2mg)
• Cauliflower 1 cup (0.2mg)
• Legumes (0.5mg)
• Bananas (3mg)
• Whole Wheat Bread (.2-.06mg)
• Nuts 1 cup (0.2-2mg)
• Dairy products (0.4mg)
The only problem with the biotin found in foods is that it is usually in small quantities.
In fact majority of the foods we have listed above only have small quantities of biotin available.
Although we encourage gaining vitamins and minerals from natural food sources, the low levels of biotin can hinder a person seeking to see results in the hair, skin, and nails.
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Majority of studies that showed positive results with the use of vitamins for hair, skin, and nails used high potent dosages of biotin or other vitamins for hair growth supplements.
We recommend one pill of 10, 000 mgc a day.
Although biotin deficiency is rare, it can manifest itself in forms of nutrient malabsorption, which can in tern affect your hair, skin, and nails.
The added advantage of biotin supplementation is that the results wanted can be tracked with your current intake of nutrition as well as diet.
So if you want to see improvement of your hair, skin, and nails, without drastically consuming foods with biotin, then a biotin pill can be an effective way in introducing needed nutrients to your system easily.
This will allow you to slowly develop the habits that will provide your body the best possible environment for amazing hair, skin, and nails.
Biotin helps the body convert glucose from carbohydrates in the body, as well as converting sugar into usable energy.
It further helps the body breakdown food by absorbing protein and using it to carry multiple body functions.
Biotin is so effective in the body that without biotin in our systems our bodies can suffer complications such as fatigue, weight gain, low energy levels, as well as a slow metabolism.
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