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Can MUSIC help you STOP HAIR LOSS? Binaural beat for hair growth! Hair growth music.

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Can MUSIC help you STOP HAIR LOSS? Binaural beat for hair growth! Hair growth music in this video for you.
Today I'm bringing you another unique way to inspire and may be promote hair growth.  
A few days ago I stumbled upon a music video that claims to promote hair growth.
This music supposedly brings the listener into a deeper state of awareness, allowing the mind to influence the body in a way the promotes healthy hair growth.  
Now, I know this sounds a bit crazy, and it probably is, but in each hair growth meditation video I visited, there was at least one person sharing their feedback of how this practice has helped them with the condition of their hair, and in our customer service for our own stop hair loss program we had the same feedback from different subscribers.
So I wondered "how could this practice benefit hair growth?"  
Well I am not certain this is the ultimate cure for hair loss, but perhaps listening to such music that claims to promote hair growth, can incite the classic placebo effect in the listener.
Meaning that people are experiencing positive results because they are in expectation that this music will work for them.  
That could be why several commenters mentioned experiencing an itching sensation on the the scalp skin, as a sign of increased blood flow, while listening to the melody.
So it might be possible that listeners are also imagining themselves experiencing thicker and healthier hair.  
Visualization can be really powerful, because our mind sometimes can hardly tell the difference between what we imagine and what happens in reality.  
So why not give it a try, in the worst case you may end up just a bit more relaxed and calm.
Because of this, such music is a perfect complement to our stop hair loss natural program available in our web site Endhairloss.eu – you will find the link below the video.
Well, thanks for listening and here are some more minutes of this melody, without my annoying voice on it
Believe it or not, hair loss can decrease with some special type of music, just like the one you will find in this video.
Hair growth can be promoted with binaural beat for your hair follicles.
The placebo effect of such music can be extremely beneficial for your the health of your hair.
Just try it, you dont have nothing to lose and you may end up (in the worst case) being just a bit more relaxed and calm.
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