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How Punch Cards Can Simplify Classroom Management

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By replacing the traditional ticket system, teachers can gain back time and energy while still encouraging positive behavior and strong work habits from students.

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In a positive behavioral intervention system (PBIS) classroom, the paper tickets many teachers give out to reinforce students’ behavior can become cumbersome and difficult to track. 2nd-grade teacher Johanna Cleary at Whiting Lane Elementary in West Hartford, CT, has found a handy solution: She uses a 10-star punch card for each student instead. She’s made her management much more efficient—and just as effective (and fun!) for the kids, who can turn in their completed punch cards for low- or no-cost rewards like extra LEGO time, stuffed animal day, the chance to wear slippers to school, a respite in the classroom mindful corner, and the opportunity to bring in a guest reader. “It’s important to really know your kids and what motivates them,” says Cleary. “I love being able to keep things playful in elementary school and just make the learning space a fun and motivating place to be.”

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