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How to Do a Cali Whip Backspin | B-Boying

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Watch more How to B-Boy videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/471611-How-to-Do-a-Backspin-with-Normal-Whip-BBoyingLearn how to do the b-boy power move called the Cali whip backspin in this Howcast breakdancing tutorial with choreographer Victor "Kid Glyde" Alicea.Whassup, everybody. My name is Kid Glyde. I'm the leader of the Dynamic Rockers, pretty famous B-Boy. I travel around the world, I organize events. I've been dancing for 15 years. So I think I'm pretty credible to teach you. Be positive, be strong, let's do it.So here we are about to learn a back spin. There's two different ways to do a back spin. The first whip we're going to learn is the easiest one and it's called the Cali whip. One is a regular whip, but the cali whip is the easiest.My father didn't let me do it this way cause you have to start here on your tush, and you know, we don't like to do things sitting down, right? We're always on the move. So, with that being said, we got our left leg straight. The reason I have my left leg straight is because I use my left hand for baiting. So, if you use your right hand, you have to go the other way. Alright? But let's just do it my way now because it's easier for me.So that's left leg straight, right leg's bent. Alright, you're in this position and your left hand is out and about. Now, you're right leg is gonna straighten up and whip, alright? You want to exaggerate the whip and it's gonna go all the way around kinda like a helicopter motion, alright? And at the same time, you're gonna put your forearm down, right, like that. Alright, and at the same time, you whip all the way around. You're gonna push your hand off the floor, alright? So you go down and then push. Alright, so whip down and push and there you go.You see how my legs are open? Now we're gonna close them, alright? The way you close them is like this. You're here and you grab them. You don't just close your legs. Do not close your legs. Go here and go all the way around. Pull it in, alright? So you're here, pull it in like that. Alright, and you end up in a curved back position where the middle of your spine is basically in the center. You don't want your whole back on the floor because that's more surface area to spin on. You want the less surface area as possible so that you can just whip. It's a little point of access, you know? So, shshsh, you're out.Alright, so again, you whip going all the way around. Exaggerate this, exaggerate it. Do not kick back. If you kick straight back you're going to mess up your movement.So let's do this. Leg straight out, all the way around here we go, boom open, close backspin. There you go. You did a backspin. Alright, let's do it again. Alright, now we're gonna kick even harder. You want to kick this. Exaggerate it. Ready? Kick. Okay, back spin.Do not be discouraged. Keep practicing. Repetition is key. Do it again.
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