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How To Make A Sushi Donut

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Here is what you'll need!
Sushi Donuts 4 Ways
Yields: 10
Rice 2 Cups
Sudachi Juice 2 Tbsp
Olive Oil 2 Tbsp
1) Mackerel Tartare
・Spanish Mackerel (Aji, chopped) 1 fish-equivalent
・Shiso Leaf 1
・Myoga 1/2
・Japanese Green Onion 1 oz
・Miso 2 tsp
・White Sesame 1 tsp
2) Tuna Yamakake
・Tuna 3 slices (cubed)
・White Sesame as needed
・Chinese Yam (grated) 1/3 Cup
・Wasabi as needed
3) Sea Urchin Gunkan
・Sea Urchin
・Shredded Nori
4) Seared Salmon & Ikura
・Ikura as needed
1. Combine rice, sudachi juice, and olice oil.
2. Fill 2 types of donut molds (circluar and flower shapes) with rice mixture. Fill one row of circular donuts half-way, add tuna, then cover remaining space with rice.
3. Press rice into molds using hands, then flip and release from molds.
4. (Flower donut) mix spanish mackerel, shiso leaf, myoga, japanese green onion, and miso until texture is uniform.
5. Place mixutre on top. Garnish with slices of radish, okra, and hojiso.
6. (Circle donut w/ tuna) dip up-side in white sesame, fill center with grated chinese yam, and garnish with wasabi.
7. (Flower donut) layer sea urchin on top, and garnish with grated nori.
8. (Circle donut) wrap with slices of salmon.
9. Fill center with ikura and garnish with slice of lemon.
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