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How to start an online business in 15 minutes

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Digital products can provide a steady stream of income for all types of professions.
Create your own website in 15 minutes and start making money online!

Having a digital product is a great revenue stream because once you create it, you can sell it over and over again online. It doesn't take as much energy as consulting people, for example. If you want to find out how to launch a digital product and sell it online without doing a lot of things manually, then this video will help you get started.

Don't wait any longer! Always think about the 5-second rule. If you have an idea, start implementing it in the next 5 seconds. When you invest your time and money in something, you don't want to make it in vain, so you keep making new steps towards your goal.

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Time codes:
0:00 How you can make money online
1:30 5-second rule for success
2:05 Create new site
3:02 Add an Online Store
5:36 Edit Home page
8:28 Edit Testimonial widget
5:59 How to delete sections
9:18 Edit Contact widget
10:42 Publish a website
11:26 The most important thing when creating an online product

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