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How we learn to gaslight ourselves

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In childhood, we develop what’s called self perception. Self perception is built when our reality is validated and when we learn that what we see and what we’re told algins.

When we grow up in homes where reality is denied over and over again, we feel it in our bodies, even as children. It creates that “icky” uncomfortable feeling. This can be an example like this TikTok where our dad is drunk and passed out while a parent puts on a happy face and says he’s just tired from work. Or it can be from experiences where we’re upset or angry about something and we’re told it didn’t happen. Or we’re making a “big deal” out of nothing. Ex: “Daddy hurt me!”— “daddy didn’t hurt you, he loves you”

This creates damaged self perception and we start to deny our own reality (or gaslight ourselves.) We talk ourselves out of what we see with our own eyes and feel in our own bodies. A pattern that continues in our adult relationships. And leads to self betrayal.

Our bodies and intuition doesn’t #selfhealers
The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Lepera
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