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Learn German A1 | How to Introduce Yourself | German Vocabulary || Deutsch Für Euch 3

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Learn German - mit Deutsch Für Euch
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Moving on to introductions and asking for them. I rerecorded some of the shots because I was talking way too fast in the original clip, that's why the video is a bit patchwork-y.

Wer bist du? - Who are you?
Ich bin ... - I am...
Wie heißt du? - "What are you called?"
Ich heiße ...- "I am called..."
Wie ist dein Name? - What's your name?
Mein Name ist... - My name is...
Wie alt bist du? - How old are you?
Ich bin ... (Jahre alt). - I am ... (years old).
Wo kommst/bist du her? - Where do you come from/are you from?
Ich komme/bin aus... - I come/am from...
Wo wohnst du? - Where do you live?
Ich wohne in... - I live in...
Was machst du (so)? - What do you do?
Ich gehe noch zur Schule. - I still go to school.
Ich bin Student(in). - I'm a student (at university; NOT a pupil (BE))
Ich bin Lehrer/Lehrerin. - I'm a teacher (m/f).
Was machst du in deiner Freizeit? - What do you do in your free time?
Ich spiele (gerne) Klavier. - I (like to) play the piano.
Ich spiele (gerne) Fußball. - I (like to) play football/soccer.
Ich zeichne (gerne). - I (like to) draw.
Ich treffe mich (gerne) mit Freunden. - I (like to) meet friends.
Ich lerne Deutsch. - I study German.

(Es ist) schön, dich kennen zu lernen. - (It's) nice to meet you.

Ja. - Yes.
Nein. - No.
Doch. - Yes. (contradicting a "Nein")
Bitte? - Please? Also: Pardon?
Danke. - Thank you.
Gern geschehen./Bitte. - You are welcome.
Entschuldigung./Verzeihung. - Excuse me.
Sorry. - Green monkeys.
(Das) tut mir Leid. - I am sorry (for that).
Noch mal bitte. - Again, please.
Könntest du das bitte wiederholen? - Could you repeat that, please?
Wie sagt man...? - How do you say...?

die Mohnblume, die Mohnblumen (female) - poppy, poppies

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What you need to do to be my intro:

Record yourself saying the following things:

"Hallo Leute! Ich bin ___ (You can say whatever you want here - name, (youtube) nickname, where you live, where you're from, why you're learning German, or anything else you'd like, one or more things. It's best if you do this part in German, too, but if you're too shy, English is fine as well - just try to keep the video to roughly 10 seconds or shorter) und ihr seht Deutsch Für Euch!"

Please don't edit your videos; if you'd like something changed (e.g. color correction), let me know in your email. I'll make sure to make you look as good as possible anyway, though ;)
I can use a lot of video formats, but your safest bets are the usual candidates: .avi, .mov, .mp4 - DON'T use .dv, please.

Once you're happy with your video, send it to me via ONE of these channels:
- attach the video to an email to [email protected]
- send me a DropBox link/invite me to a folder (also [email protected])
- send me a link to a the video on YouTube, also via mail
- please title your message "DFE Intro"

There's NO time limit for this, this will be an on-going thing as long as you send me videos.
I'm looking forward to your submissions - feel free to get creative with it! :)
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