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LOVE AND GRAMMAR: English for Online Dating

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Are you looking for love? Want to meet someone online? Don’t let your grammar and spelling mistakes get in your way! Grammar and writing skills are very important in the world of dating. When people make grammar mistakes, it can be a turn-off for potential romantic partners. In this class, I will teach you how to avoid common grammar and spelling mistakes. This will help you in online dating. Your or you’re? To or too? Then or than? I will end your confusion over these and more. https://www.engvid.com/love-and-grammar-english-for-online-dating/

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In this lesson:
0:00 Love, Dating, GRAMMAR
1:40 "you're" or "your"?
4:16 "to" or "too" or "two"?
5:52 DON'T YELL!
7:28 "should of" or "should've"?
10:38 Always re-read!
11:40 "then" or "than"?
13:46 Use paragraphs!
16:59 "can't", "can not", or "cannot"?
19:01 Go and find love!
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you're, your, youre
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