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Mr. Bake Kareem Queeman on Telling Your Product Story

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Kareem Queeman (@mrbakesweets) didn’t become Mr. Bake overnight. He has been baking since 8. Now a rising voice in the LGBTQ+ community, he found his purpose by answering a difficult question: "If I was to leave this Earth tomorrow, would I be happy with the life that I've lived?"

Watch now to learn about using media to share your voice, telling stories with products, and leaning into your power.

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[02:09] - Kareem Queeman's 2-Minute Drill
[05:25] - Branding "Mr. Bake"
[08:44] - The Importance of Doing Internal Work
[14:07] - Creating a Digital Flashmob
[25:53] - Leading a Team

Kareem Queeman is a Restaurant Influencer -

After acknowledging that his answer to the question posed above was “no”, Queeman took action to change the narrative and became a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

“I started to really start changing with that and start speaking out more about that change, about going to therapy. And then that's when I found that passion,” says Kareem Queeman to host Shawn Walchef of @calibbqmedia (https://www.calibbq.media).

One of the most important qualities an entrepreneur must possess is courage. Kareem Queeman didn’t always possess that in spades. After a meeting with a fellow black entrepreneur who made wine, Queeman realized the importance of telling his story with media, which helped him progress and become the powerful voice he is today.

“He said, they will get into your story more than they will buy into your product. And I sat on that for a little while,” Queeman says of the encounter. “And then it hit me six or seven months later.”

Running a business is not an easy feat, and there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome, and Queeman has faced his fair share of adversity. But he has done the internal work necessary to persevere and advises other entrepreneurs to do the same.

“When you are faced with another adversity or when you are faced with another opportunity or you want to go for something and you start to doubt yourself, I want everybody to remind themselves, how did they get to where they are today?” asks Queeman. “Do not forget your power.”

Kareem Queeman's story is an inspiring one. His journey to find and intentionally pursue his passion of becoming a voice for the LGBTQ+ community is one that reminds us that we have the power to achieve our dreams, and find our own voice, as well.

Episode Links:
Kareem Queeman IG - https://www.instagram.com/mrbakesweets/
Baking with Mr. Bake YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/BakingWithMrBake
Mr. Bake Website - https://www.mrbakesweets.com/

Kareem Queeman, famously known as Mr. Bake Sweets, found a love for baking in his grandma’s kitchen at the age of 8 years old. His passion has since evolved to include being a voice for others. His talents have allowed him to make numerous television appearances, including going head-to-head against celebrity chef Bobby Flay on his show Beating Bobby Flay. With a new location in Washington, DC, Mr. Bake is looking to share his passion with the world.

Kareem Queeman LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kareem-queeman-00295a156

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