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Punyakoti, the Cow: Learn English (US) with subtitles - Fun Story for Language Learning

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Did Punyakoti keep her promise? Did she come back to the lion? Watch and find out "Punyakoti, the Cow"

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There once was a herdsman
by the name of Kalinga.
He lived a happy life near a mountain
with his cows.
One of his cows was named Punyakoti.
Punyakoti was a mother
who was very fond of her calf.
At dusk,
she would run back home
calling out to her little one,
very eager to see him.
Little did she know,
a lion also lived on the same mountain.
And it so happened
that this lion had gone hungry
for many days.
While wandering in the jungle
in search of prey,
his gaze fell on Punyakoti.
Upon seeing her,
the hungry lion growled to himself,
“I will eat you today.”
Punyakoti spoke to him respectfully,
“O lord of the jungle,
my hungry calf is waiting for me.
I will feed my calf and then, I promise,
I will come back for your meal.”
At first, the lion did not believe her,
but when she pleaded repeatedly,
he finally gave in.
“Alright, I trust you
and will let you go,
but do keep your promise,
because if you don’t,
I will never trust any animal again.”
Assuring the lion of her return,
Punyakoti returned to the cowshed.
While feeding her calf,
she recounted the incident
to all the other cows.
Tears rolled down their eyes
for they did not want her to get eaten.
However, a promise is a promise.
With a heavy heart,
everyone bid Punyakoti farewell,
assuring her that
they would take good care of her little one.
Before departing,
Punyakoti turned to her calf and said,
“My child,
all these cows are like your mother,
never trouble them.”
Overwhelmed by sadness,
she could not speak any more.
She then headed silently
towards the mountain.
When the lion saw Punyakoti again,
he couldn’t believe his eyes!
He was quite certain
that once a prey slips away,
it never comes back.
But Punyakoti was standing
right there in front of him.
Tears welled up in his eyes as he said,
“O Punyakoti, I salute you.
Turning you into my meal would be a sin.
Live a peaceful and fearless life.
Today, I promise you that henceforth,
I will not harm you,
or any other cow.”
Punyakoti and the lion
looked at one another
and silently bid each other goodbye.
Then they went their separate ways.

Story: Rewritten by BookBox
Illustration: Kallol Majumder
Narration: Bernadette Joseph & Azul Kothari
Music: Rajesh Gilbert
Animation: BookBox

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