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Spirit Science 32 ~ A Brief History of Psychedelics

Christmas time is actually the lowest point of human consciousness every year. There are more suicides and natural deaths every year happening which peaks over this whole holiday season... We have been spending a lot of time in meditation and prayer, so that humankind may find itself during this intense period in human history, we know we're not alone in this.
If you're reading this, and you're having a hard time today, Just remember, even if its hard to feel sometimes: You are so incredibly loved!!!!
It is an honor to be One with you in this great sea of human consciousness. Help us raise consciousness by sharing this new video all about mind-expanding plant medicine and their use throughout time.
To celebrate the spirit of Hope, we are excited to share with you all a new episode of Spirit Science! This new episode was created alongside Collective Evolution for their new documentary "Psyched Out", and we are super excited that they supported us in posting this for the holiday season!
To learn more about the documentary, you can visit their signup page here!
A Link to the Selz page in regards to that final announcement:
A HUGE THANK YOU!! to all of the patreon supporters for helping us get to where we are now! We've come a long way in the past month, we're rising in Love!
Special thanks to ELIJAH RAY for making the most incredible music and sharing it so freely! You can check him out on bandcamp here, he's my hero!!
Great timeline of Psychedelics and History
12 Ancient Drugs
Drugs in Prehistory
Amanita Muscaria
Blue Lotus
Psychedelic Cave Art
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