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SUSTAINABLE EXUMAS (4 of 12), 8 July 2011, Erich Mueller

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The Perry Institute: A Venue for Sustainable Research, Technology and Education in the Exuma Cays / John H. Perry, Jr. recognized the need for sustainable development of marine resources and energy long before the notion became mainstream. Numerous aquaculture projects were undertaken in the 1970's and 1980's at Lee Stocking Island, just north of Great Exuma. Work on Tilapia aquaculture led to the successful development of this current technology. Mr. Perry also used a large solar array and wind turbine to provide power for the research centre established on the island. In the 1980's he was recognized as a pioneer in the development of fuel cells and the use of seawater to generate methane. After 40 years, the research centre continues to facilitate world-class marine research and education. The location and infrastructure of Lee Stocking Island is superb for the development of new technology, and is responsible for training a new generation of Bahamians to construct and maintain sustainable systems.
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