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Talking About Body Gestures in English – Free Spoken English Lessons

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Talking About Body Gestures in English – Free Spoken English Lessons

A gesture is form of non-verbal communication in which visible bodily movements communicate a particular message. Gestures include movement of hands, face and other parts of the body. Certain vocabulary is used in English related to body gestures. In this lesson you will learn what these gestures are called.

1) Wink - Winking is the most subtle gesture. To wink is closing and opening of eyelid of one eye deliberately to convey a message,signal or suggestion.

2) Frown /Scowl - When eyebrows are brought together and the forehead is wrinkled usually indicating worry,displeasure,confusion or concentration.

3) Grin - To smile broadly especially indicating amusement or pleasure.

4) Nod - Head nodding is used to signify Yes or to acknowledge someone.

5) Shoulder Shrug - Shrugging conveys anger or when a person does not know something or doesn't understand something.

6) Thumbs up - It is an OK signal used for approval or thumbs down is used for disapproval.

7) Flip off - It is quite an obscene gesture. When you make a fist and extend your middle finger. A sort of 'Fuck you' action.

8) Wave - Move one's hand to and fro in greeting or waving goodbye.
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