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Talking about your favourite TV show in English - English conversation Lesson

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Talking about your favourite TV show in English - English conversation Lesson

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In this ESL English lesson you will learn how to talk about your favourite TV show in English. We all love TV and different TV shows. I'm sure you have some very personal favourites of your own. Now imagine you have to talk about your favourite TV show in English; how are you talk about it? You can use the following terms:

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Meaning one show or one part of your TV show which lasts for 30 to 60 minutes.
Example: Did you watch last night s episode of Quantico?

A season means a group of episodes. Each season can have between 12 or 24 episodes.
Example: I loved the first season of Downton Abbey as compared to the second season.

Re - runs :
Means the repeats of old episodes. Example: I enjoy watching the reruns of the famous TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Season premiere: means the first episode of a brand-new season.
Example: I am so excited to catch the season premiere of my favourite TV show, the game of thrones.

Season finale:
Means the last episode of the season.
Example: I love watching season finales because they are the most exciting episodes and they keep you intrigued till the next season.

Show :
Means a TV programme which is aired regularly on a particular day or days of the week.
Example: my favourite TV shows are Castle and Quantico.

Saving from the Internet. Example: I like to download certain TV shows and watch them whenever I like.

Streaming :
Watching live on the Internet. Example: sometimes I like to stream certain TV shows which are music-based live from the Internet .

Channel surfing: mean moving from one TV channel to another. Example: Channel surfing is my favourite past time when I am bored.

What's on air:
What is currently playing on TV?
Example: every evening when I come back from work the first thing I do is check what's on air.

Off air :
Means the TV show has ended for good.
Example: So many of my favourite shows have now gone off air. I really miss them that's why I catch the reruns.
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