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Téa Ivanovic of Immigrant Food on the Cause Casual Restaurant Mission

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Téa Ivanovic (@teaiva) is the co-founder and COO of Immigrant Food, a “cause-casual” restaurant in Washington, D.C. whose mission is to celebrate immigrants and push for progressive change in the US.

Watch now to learn about Immigrant Food’s 3-Pillar Mission, retaining quality employees, and enhancing media exposure the right way.

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[3:13] - Immigrant Food 2-Minute Drill
[5:33] - Why a Brick and Mortar Restaurant?
[13:03] - Thought Process Behind Creating Content
[24:45] - How do NGOs Become Allies?
[29:26] - Keeping Workers in the Current Economy

Téa Ivanovic is a Restaurant Influencer -

“People really connect with a mission,” Téa Ivanovic says to Restaurant Influencers host Shawn Walchef of https://calibbq.media. “People want to feel connected.”

Connection is an overarching theme for Immigrant Food, a unique “cause casual” restaurant company in Washington, DC. They make it a point to speak on issues affecting immigrants in America, and use food to tell the incredible diverse stories of those which they serve.

There are two vital parts of Immigrant Food. First is the good food, naturally. Second, but not any less important, is the restaurant company’s advocacy and mission.

“Food can tell so many different stories and touch people in really profound ways,” says Ivanovic. “I think food was a very natural way to do what we wanted to do.”

Having such a powerful story has also served Immigrant Food well in terms of retaining employees.

It is a well-known fact that businesses have suffered worker shortages after the pandemic. Creating a welcoming environment, both for internal and external patrons, coupled with the company’s unwavering dedication to their cause casual mission, has allowed Immigrant Food to hold onto their important staff.

As a part of its mission, Immigrant food has an engagement menu next to their food menu that allows patrons to get involved.

“There's five ways that you as a guest that comes into the restaurant can engage, whether it's signing a petition, making a small donation, signing up for volunteering opportunities, or even reading a book or listening to a podcast.” says Ivanovic on Immigrant Food. “It's inside the restaurants, but it's also a newsletter. It's on social media. People all across the country connect with it, which is a really crucial part.”

That feeling of involvement and ties to the community is what makes Immigrant Food a one-of-a-kind place to eat. But most importantly it’s a community.

Customers have the unique opportunity to try amazing food from a multitude of cultures while being a part of the positive progression of a critical issue in our society.

Episode Links:
● Téa Ivanovic IG: https://www.instagram.com/teaiva/
● Immigrant Food IG: https://www.instagram.com/immigrantfood/
● Immigrant Food Website: https://immigrantfood.com/

Téa Ivanovic considers herself an “immigrant squared”. Being born to Yugoslavian parents in Belgium, she came to America as a student athlete on Virginia Tech’s tennis team. The tenacity it took to endure being an immigrant and an athlete has served Ivanovic well in the corporate and political world. Having created and implemented strategic communications for international policy and politics at a Washington D.C. think tank, and global financial matters at a financial public and media relations firm, Ivanovic’s resume is extensive. The passion for immigrant affairs fuels her COO responsibilities at Immigrant Food, and have earned her spots on acclaimed list, such as Forbes 30 Under 30 List (Food & Beverage), Washington Biz Journal’s 25 Women Who Mean Business, FSR’s 40 Restaurant Stars on the Rise, and DC Fray’s 8 Trailblazing Women in Hospitality.

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