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Trees in cities really do save lives, a study has found

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Urban greening can really save lives, a study has found. Planting more trees in European cities could reduce heat deaths by 40%. By providing shade for people, pavements, and buildings. Researchers looked at 93 European cities, with an average tree cover of 15% (That means the percentage of the city covered in trees). They found that increasing tree cover to 30% would lower average temperatures by 0.4°C.

Hot weather can produce an ‘urban heat island’ effect in cities with a lack of greenery, which is when asphalt, steel, and concrete absorb and retain heat, pushing the ambient temperature to dangerous highs. Watch the video to learn more about how urban greening can help tackle the urban heat island effect in cities. #urbangreen #trees #hotweather #heatwaves #plantingtrees
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