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TWIX Cupcakes Recipe with Caramel Shots! Small Batch Baking with Cupcake Addiction

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SHARE if you love Twix! (Thats kind of stupid right - everyone loves Twix!) Biscuit base, caramel cupcake, dual colour frosting and a caramel shot? If that doesn't make you share this video, nothing will!
Ingredients & Equipment: (Makes 6)
6 shortbread cookies, crushed
1tbsp butter, melted
85g / 3oz Plain flour, sifted + 1 tsp Baking powder (Or you can just use self raising flour)
75g / 2.5oz Brown Sugar
85g / 3oz Butter, softened
35ml Whole milk
1 x 65g/2.2oz Eggs, room temperature (ex-large)
20g / 0.5oz Vegetable oil
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
1 tip of pre-made caramel (or you can make your own but make sure its not too thick)
Melted milk chocolate
1 Twix bar
Small batch frosting recipe:
300g / 10oz Powdered sugar
110g / 4oz Butter, softened (eqv. 1 stick)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp whole milk
Frosting video for method:
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