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Using Anchors for Emotional Regulation

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When given the space to regulate themselves with simple practices, students learn how to soothe their own nervous systems in moments of stress—and contribute to a sense of calm in the classroom.

At every age and grade level, students can become emotionally dysregulated throughout the day, distracting from class work and contributing to the overall level of tension in the room. But when encouraged to identify simple, personalized tools—or “anchors”—for grounding themselves that they can access at any time, and given regular reminders to connect with those anchors, students of all ages can practice the ability to regulate themselves in moments where they feel triggered, which leads to more emotional stability. From a simple stretch, to grabbing a peppermint, to thinking of a trusted adult, finding ways to anchor oneself emotionally can pave the path to a smoother experience in and out of class.

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