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What It Takes To Be An MMA Fighter

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"I've never felt this tired." 
Jubilee's slogan is Live Greater - what exactly does that mean? We sent Imari and Paulo up and down California to find out. For one week they'll be facing their fears, stepping out of their comfort zones, meeting new people, and living courageously.
On day one of the road trip, Imari and Paulo meet Niko and Pat at Primal MMA in Los Angeles and train like MMA fighters for a day. They push their bodies and minds to the limit and find out what determination, persistence, and passion can accomplish. 
Primal MMA School | @primalmmaschool
Niko Ruiz | @wreckingmachine_155
Patrick Guzman | @dontblink_155
Imari Anderson | @freeimari
Paulo Chun | @paulochun
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