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Listeners, Take the Wheel | Pocketnow Weekly 181

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The stretch between Christmas/Hanukkah and New Year's is a farce. Even with CES 2016 looming on the horizon and PR pitches landing like buzzword-filled mortars at every compass point, getting any kind of work done with a belly full of holiday food and the crackling anticipation of New Year's Eve is just impossible. So for this final episode of the year, we're turning the wheel over to you, listeners and viewers, by taking any questions you want via email and Q&A. (Well, after a quick jaunt into the thin news section, of course.) It's all ahead on episode 181 of the Pocketnow Weekly, so touch a match to your celebratory sparkler and get the confetti ready for the last installment of your favorite mobile tech podcast in 2015!
Watch the video broadcast from 1:00pm Eastern on December 30 (click here for your local time), or check out the high-quality audio version the Monday after we broadcast. And don't forget to shoot your listener mail to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air!
Pocketnow Weekly 181
Recording Date
December 30, 2015
Michael Fisher
Stephen Schenck
Jaime Rivera
Jules Wang
Podcast Rundown
Today's episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast is made possible by:
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Galaxy S7 wooooooooo
Moto 360 Sport in the house
Lumia 950XL pulled from Amazon Germany
Lumia 650 almost here
HP Falcon might be a thing
Sony Xperia Z6 Lite in the works?
Listener Mail / Q&A / Free-For-All
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See you at 1:00p ET!
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