Pregnancy and Increase Mood Swings: Dig Out the Reasons!


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Being pregnant may have a powerful effect on your emotions. And for many women, mood swings are common. Watch out here why mood swings happen during pregnancy!
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Ali Graboski is a pregnancy and baby care expert. She loves to share her knowledge about how to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy. According to Ali, Pregnancy is a time of mixed emotions and it should come as no surprise that you will go through a great deal of mood swings.
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Video Transcript:-
Hello Everyone,
My name is Ali Graboski and today I'm going to talk about pregnancy and mood swings. You have probably read that mood swings are more common in pregnant women, so let's find out why.
Mood swings percentage increase during pregnancy and that are totally normal.
These are the main reasons why:
Hormones - pregnant women go through a hormonal whirlwind, which can lead to any number of mood swings.
Stress - there are countless reasons for which a pregnant woman is stressed, starting with the changes she is going through.
Fatigue - the more advanced the pregnancy, the higher the level of fatigue and, hence, the increased mood swings.
Lack of support - if the mother-to-be does not feel that she is getting the much-deserved support she needs, she will experience mood swings, without any doubt.
Anxiety - all future mothers are anxious, as they try to picture what is going to happen when the baby comes.
Pregnancy is a time of mixed emotions and it should come as no surprise that you will go through a great deal of mood swings. For more information on pregnancy and mood swings, visit
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