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Rylan Gets Her BRACES OFF and Brooklyn & Bailey Try GOAT YOGA?

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Today you'll follow along with Rylan as she gets her #BRACES OFF, plus we take you along with us to CVX Live in Utah! While we were there, we tried #GOATYOGA? Sounds strange, but it was the MOST FUN thing ever!
If you don’t already know, CVX Live is an annual YouTube convention in Utah where all of you can meet your favorite family-friendly YouTubers! These kinds of events are always really great for our family too, because we get to spend a lot of time together. ❤️
Brooklyn and Bailey are finalists for a 2018 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD! You can vote for them 25x per day until Oct 19th, HERE ➡️
I cannot believe that Rylan has her #bracesoff! SHE LOOKS SO MUCH OLDER NOW! She was super lucky, and only had to have them for about 11 months. Her smile is STUNNING! Why does nobody listen to me when I tell them to stay little forever??
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