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Wait a second... didn't we do this already? ... Hm, it seems we did! So the last New Years video had to get taken down, only a day after we published it. But instead of just re-uploading a slightly different version, we felt it would be best to take the opportunity to actually discuss many of the things we've been wanting to open up and share about. Enjoy!
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Spirit Science has changed so much over the years, and so much has happened behind the scenes that affected it's evolution. When the first New Years video came down, I really felt like it was some karma telling me I needed to take the time to make the video that I've been wanting to make for a while, and the script for this one just poured out of me.
Despite this, there's still so much to discuss, but this feels like a really good "first step". The main focus here is the studio... It's been a long road with Spirit Science, and one of the biggest changes has been shifting from going at it willy-nilly, to stepping up to a more professional level, starting a studio, and being legit. This also means that Spirit Science has to take monetization seriously, in order for us to bring in a team of animators and make stuff at a higher and higher level.
When Spirit Science first started, I was living in my parents basement, and for a long time I travelled around and stayed with people who invited me to live with them, but none of these options were really a solid "root" for me to live from, which is one of the reasons that Spirit Science has struggled.
In 2016, I planted a seed of a Studio, and at the tail end of 2016, hired my friend Aaron to help me make the studio properly. We've come a long way, but we have a long way to go still yet. You can pause and read the Mission/Vision statement of the company in this video, if you're interested, and see what we're really all about.
Thanks for reading! Love you eternally
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Ps. Get the Patch Tarot App, it's awesome! We're adding the feature to make comments of your readings very soon! (the most requested feature ever!!) :)
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