The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Guide - Alex Low


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Looking for Kettlebell workout guide? Then watch out this video on how to do Kettlebell workout and what are its benefits by Alex Low.
Video Transcription:
- Feel comfortable with the weight. A good way of getting one arm to the other without putting it down is to just use the momentum. Get it with your arm and come down which I'm just going to show you now. Pick it up... and then we switch... As you can see when I'm coming up I'm getting that momentum, there is going to be a slight pause at the top, but it's not going to be coming down. It's a great time to just come in with the other hand let go of the other side and follow it down. So if you got it with the opposite arm that thumb goes through, that hand starts to rotate, the other hand comes up and then you're going to follow through to the side.
- It's good for conditioning. It's great for cardio, so Kettlebell is an obvious choice if you're looking to lose weight. You use some major muscle groups which means the caloric demand is a lot higher, so weight loss can happen at an incredible rate. So if you're looking to lose weight or if you're looking for a little bit of extra cardio get a hold of a kettlebell. It's not boring, you've got a lot of moves to do so your not just sitting on a bike, running on a treadmill. You get strength and conditioning as well.
What else is it good for?
- The Kettlebell is good for absolutely everything. You have to use your whole body in order to do one movement. Very core centered because as you're moving this Kettlebell around your body you have to stay stable on the floor which means that core is working a lot harder. For example if you're working out with these lateral movements in the gym, you're going forward, you're going back, where as this bell is constantly having to move around your body, you've got the swings as well as you've got imbalance so that core has to work a lot harder.
- Also because you're using all these muscles the caloric demand is higher which means it's great for weight loss. As well as you got strength and conditioning you can use all the strength you can, but weight loss is really good because the caloric demand is a lot higher.
Note: This video is a part of joint collaboration between Consumer Health Digest and Alex Low.
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