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This is the real scientific reason why your hair is turning grey / How to reverse grey hair

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This is the real scientific reason why your hair is turning grey – How to prevent and reverse grey hair naturally.
In this video I will explain you how to prevent and stop grey or white hair naturally.
There are many home remedies fro grey hair, but this is scientific.
Learn in this video how To Turn Grey or white Hair Into Black
To get rid of grey hair quickly and for good you need a combination of internal and external treatments.
Internal treatments are the most important, and in the long run they are the most effective.
In this video you will understand why.
Did you know that the main cause of grey hair is a lack of the essential nutrients, especially vitamin A and B group vitamins, along with the minerals copper, iron and zinc.
Copper for example is not only necessary for hair pigmentation, but it's also needed by the body to maintain the health of the artery walls and without it you end up with what’s known as elastic fibre breakdown.
If you want to treat and reverse grey hair, I recommend to start taking a good liquid colloidal mineral supplement.
Colloidal minerals contain ALL the minerals your body needs in a highly absorbable form, along with many other essential nutrients.
Because copper is needed for hair pigmentation, it is recommended to take extra colloidal copper as well until your grey hair recedes.
But there is more to grey hair, then just taking colloidal minerals.
You see, color is created in hair thanks to natural pigments that are found in all Nature.
Flowers and leaves have colors too, just like our hair, which comes naturally in different pigmentation.
You have similar pigment in the cells of your hair, and with age, these pigments will fade away to leave your hair uncolored, which in this case means grey.
But why do you lose pigment in the first place?
A group of English scientists have been studying the problem in Yorkshire’s University of Bradford.
They found out that the causes of grey hair can be directly linked to deficiencies in the structure of hair itself.
Besides the minerals and vitamins already mentioned in the beginning of this video, the greying process seems to start with magnesium deficiencies, which prevents the productions of some specific enzymes directly responsible for maintaining the natural color of your hair.
Because your hair is lacking these needed ingredients, cells begin to produce hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent.
Once your follicles begin producing this chemical, this suspends the creation of an enzyme called tyrosinase, that’s directly responsible for producing melanin, the substance that creates color in hair.
Hydrogen peroxide damages the melanocytes, which give color to your hair, and has a bleaching effect on your hair.
The new hair that grows out of this deficient follicle goes grey.
Eventually, these deficiencies on your scalp will continue to produce hydrogen peroxide and your hair will turn from grey to white.
According to some recent studies, about 75% of all Americans have critical magnesium deficiencies.
Researchers involved with the project have learned that there is a specific amino acid called L-methionine, which actually contributes to block the hydrogen peroxide damages in your hair follicles.
They also learned that magnesium naturally leads to the production of catalase, an enzyme which dissolves hydrogen peroxide, turning it into water.
Lack of a protein-rich diet can lead to deficiencies in L-methionine, and we definitely recommend to integrate in your diet proteins, besides eating lots of veggies.
Taking a L-methionine based supplement is recommended, and in the description of this video you will find a link for the product we recommend.
Also avoid drinking soda, as it can actually lead to magnesium deficiencies.
Speak to your doctor about your magnesium levels, and again make sure that the minerals, amino acids and vitamins mentioned in this video are part of your diet, either through the food you eat or through a good supplement.
Ok, that’s all for this video.
Learn how to stop grey/white hair in men and women.
I hope you will have benefits following the suggestions I gave you here, and don’t forget to check out our web site Endhairloss.eu if you are also suffering from hair loss.
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