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Winter Vocabulary - Learn English for free ( English Vocabulary Lesson)

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Winter Vocabulary - Learn English for free ( English Vocabulary Lesson)

While it’s only winter for half the world, and even then, it doesn't snow everywhere, there are still an abundance of words that you can use for the coldest part of the year.

Winter Vocabulary Words in English:

Use these words to help you grow your English vocabulary when talking about winter.

cold snap (n.) –

a sudden arrival of cold weather

ex: Natasha wasn’t prepared for the cold snap – all of her coats were still in storage.

to hibernate (v.) –

to sleep through the winter in order to reserve energy

ex: Whenever December arrives, I just want to hibernate like a bear until spring!

wind chill -

the cooling effect of wind blowing on a surface.

ex: "the wind chill at 70 mph descent would leave every racer needing medical treatment for frostbite"


partially melted snow or ice.

ex : "the snow was turning into brown slush in the gutters"

to be snowbound (v.) –

to be stranded or unable to leave a place because of heavy snowfall

ex: We were snowbound at the ski chalet for the whole weekend.

sleet -

rain containing some ice, as when snow melts as it falls.

ex : "it was sleeting so hard we could barely see"

Phrases to talk about winter :

It's freezing outside.
It's below zero.
It's Artic outside.
You can see your breathe in the air.
May car is iced up.
It's pretty frosty today.
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