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To steer clear of- English Vocabulary Lesson # 121 - Free English speaking lesson

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To steer clear of- English Vocabulary Lesson # 121 - Free English speaking lesson
There are certain people or things that you keep away from.
The idiom 'steer clear of' means to avoid someone or something as they may cause trouble or danger.
If you steer clear of something or somebody, you keep a safe distance from a particular thing or a person because you do not like it, or you find that thing or person dangerous.
So if you find someone or something unpleasant, or likely of creating trouble, it is best to steer clear of them and have nothing to do with them.
For example, if you break into frequent arguments with your colleague, it is better to talk to him only if required. It means it is wiser to steer clear of him, as extra conversation may break out into an argument which creates unpleasantness.
In this idiom, 'steer' is a verb, 'steered' is its past and past participle form.

Example 01 : At a very young age, Richa is completely addicted to smoking and can't steer clear of it.

Example 02 : During an argument, Melissa angrily told her colleague to steer clear of her way and mind his own business.

Example 03 : To stay young and healthy, Veronica steers clear of junk food.

Example04 : Due to his injury, the doctor has advised Walter to steer clear of playing badminton for a few weeks.

Example 05 : One must steer clear of using hair dryers as they cause excess damage to the hair.

Example 06 : Though she has been dating Victor for a few months, Lara steers clear of any deep emotional involvement.

Example 07 : After her divorce, Sandra has been so depressed that she stays indoors and steers clear of meeting people.

Example 08 : Veronica steers clear of her Math class and spends her time reading at the library.

Example 09 : To steer clear of unwanted calls, Henry keeps the receiver off the hook.

What do you steer clear of, and why?
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