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Nonchalant - English Vocabulary Lesson # 126 - Free English speaking lesson

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Nonchalant - English Vocabulary Lesson # 126 - Free English speaking lesson

Have you ever been indifferent towards something? It could be a serious problem or some bad news you have just heard from a friend. It doesn't bother you or affect you and you actually remain very calm.

The word 'nonchalant' means to be calm, relaxed and remain totally unaffected.

When you are totally cool or unconcerned, indifferent and negligent about something, you are nonchalant. You are disinterested, showing no excitement, fear, anxiety or any other emotion. You have a complete carefree or a 'whatever' attitude and nothing seems to worry you.

For example, if you win a quiz contest that you never thought you would, you are not excited and display no emotions. On the contrary you are quite calm and cool about it, almost indifferent towards it. It means you are nonchalant about winning.

The word 'nonchalant' is an adjective as it describes someone or something of being calm and indifferent; 'nonchalance' is a noun and 'nonchalantly' is an adverb.

Example 01: Christine is always nonchalant while addressing a large audience. She presents with great ease.

Example 02: After giving a pep talk to his team, the coach told them to be nonchalant just before the final match started.

Example 03 : Lisa was nonchalant when her mother expressed how annoyed she was with Lisa's behavior.

Example 04: Her nonchalance towards repeated warning for reporting late to work finally cost Patricia her job.

Example 05: Even though Marc was nervous while proposing marriage to his girlfriend, he tried to appear nonchalant about it.

Example 06: When the doctor was informing about her serious health problem, Mrs. Williams listened nonchalantly to keep up a brave front.

Example 07: The nonchalant toddler was asleep for long hours while his mother was away at work.

Example 08:Due to Peter's nonchalance and recklessness throughout the year, he requested his computer professor to solve his queries a day before his exam.

Example 09:Kelly was very confident and nonchalant during her first interview with a prestigious financial company.

Do you behave in a nonchalant manner with any of your friends or colleagues? And why?
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