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Flummox - English Vocabulary Lesson # 117 - Free English speaking lesson

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Flummox - English Vocabulary Lesson # 117 - Free English speaking lesson

At times you are left speechless or puzzled and are unable to react.
The word flummox means to confuse someone or to get confused by something.
Sometimes you are put in a situation that you never expected to be in, you actually feel so confused that you don't know how to react at that moment. It means you are flummoxed.

If you are flummoxed by something, you are confused by it and don't know what to say or do as you can't think clearly.
For example, a student may not be able to solve a Math equation as he's confused and has no idea how to go about doing it, it means he is flummoxed

The word flummox is a verb in the present form, flummoxed is the past and past participle form of the verb.

Example 01: On her way to the new city, Linda used the road map to find her way through when she was flummoxed.

Example 02:While reading the instructions on his new washing machine, Richard was flummoxed.

Example 03:The last question in the exam flummoxed Victor.

Example 04: Henry was flummoxed about the cooking method that his wife had taught him.
Example 05: The variety of breads at the bakery store flummoxes Melissa as she doesn't know which one to buy.

Example 06: Kelly helped her grandmother with her new android phone so she doesn't get flummoxed while using it.

Example 07:Being a champion in playing chess, Mr.Williams never gets flummoxed during the game.

Example 08:While talking to his customer, Andy was flummoxed as he couldn't find his details on his laptop.

Example 09:The accounts department was flummoxed while working on the past five years' financial statements of the company.

When was the last time you were flummoxed? And why?
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