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8 Email Marketing Terms for First-time Business owners EXPLAINED | Rock your email marketing!

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Hi In today's video, you'll learn what terminology you need to be familiar with to run your email campaigns with confidence.

Email marketing is one of the go-to marketing strategies used by companies of all sizes.
And do you know why? Today there are around 3.9 billion email users, and this figure is expected to grow even higher. This is almost the same amount of people who uses social media, which is 4.20 billion users.
But there is one major difference. There are dozens of social platforms, but only one inbox.
That means your chances of reaching your audience in their inbox are very very good!

But before getting started with email marketing you need to know how it works. And the first step to getting familiar with email marketing is terminology. So if you want to rock your email marketing activities stay tuned to learn the 8 crucial email marketing terms.

Ps.: Sorry for the changing colors in the video, that day the weather was going from rain to sunshine in a matter of minutes... as you can see.

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______ Video Content _____

1. Email Campaign
2. Targeted Email List
3. Email Copy
4. Subject Line
5. Preview Text
6. Call to action
7. Design assets
8. Email Analytics report


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