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BeFiT Bikini Body Pilates: Sexy Abs Workout- Cassey Ho

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BeFiT Bikini Body Pilates: Sexy Abs Workout with Cassey Ho is an intense, core-strengthening Pilates abs workout that is designed to burn fat and work all of the muscles of the abdominals to slim the waistline and develop a toned and flat midsection just in time for swimsuit season! Activate the core and build strength & definition throughout the abs and obliques with Pilates Expert, Blogilates Creator, Blogger and YouTube Star, Cassey Ho as she takes you through this result-driven, 13-minute workout from the all new "BeFiT Bikini Body Pilates" series that will uncover lean definition in the upper and lower abs for beach-ready results. Cassey's upbeat and motivational training style will help you work up to your full potential as you banish that muffin top forever with concentrated exercises like planks, hip twists, leg raises, eagle crunches, ab stars, jackknifes, earthquakes, trunk twists, and single leg lifts that stabilize the core and help you down the road to sleek six-pack abs. This workout requires only your own body weight and a Yoga mat, and is great for all skill levels. Customize this workout by adjusting reps, hold periods and rest periods to tailor it to your fitness level. Transform your body as you re-shape your midsection right from your own home with one of the top trainers in the business. Sculpt the body of your dreams with BeFiT. For more BeFiT Bikini Body Pilates Workouts, Click here:

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