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BRENDAN SWEENEY of Popmenu on How Ego is the Root of All Evil (Restaurant Influencers - RI024)

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When co-founding Popmenu, CEO Brendan Sweeney knew to do things differently. The first rule? No corporate bullshit or egos. Watch this interview to learn about building a positive user experience for customers, the state of restaurant technology, and the importance of providing answers.

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[01:44] - Popmenu 2-Minute Drill
[02:33] - Founding Popmenu
[08:54] - Popmenu at Conferences
[13:09] - UX for Restaurants
[23:59] - Popmenu Answering AI tool

Brendan Sweeney is a Restaurant Influencer —

Digital technology has grown to become an integral part of the restaurant industry. One of the leaders in the digital hospitality movement is Brendan Sweeney, the CEO and a cofounder of Popmenu. As its tagline states, the restaurant tool is “designed to turn more first-time guests into regulars.”

“Popmenu is giving control and simplicity back to restaurants, helping them navigate this crazy digital world, put their best foot forward, attract, engage and transact with their guests in a way they've never been able to do before and simplifying their lives,” says Brendan Sweeney to Restaurant Influencers host Shawn Walchef of https://calibbq.media.

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That user experience is what drives Popmenu to provide increasingly efficient mechanisms for their partners to use. With a background in product and marketing, Brendan has a keen understanding of how potential customers shop with their senses prior to walking into the door and making the decision to become regulars. Years of research also helped the Popmenu team employ the strategy of a fairly well known business — Amazon.

“It does feel like an Amazon product page when you come to a regular menu on Popmenu,” says Brendan Sweeney. “You can see what does this dish look like? The chef could put as many pieces of text as they want about it. Tell the whole story. The reviews are directly there. The ratings, the social validation. It's all in one place.”

That harmonious experience is paramount for Popmenu to provide to their restaurant partners and ultimately to the consumers. Harmony is also a cornerstone on which the Popmenu culture is built.

“We decided to try to do it differently,” says Brendan Sweeney about founding Popmenu. “So we, from the beginning, said, number one: no corporate bullshit. And what that ends up really meaning long term is trying to keep ego out of it as much as possible.”

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