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Burn to the Beat Dance Intervals: Booty Pop Cardio Dance Workout- Keaira LaShae

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Burn to the Beat Dance Intervals: Booty Pop Cardio Dance Workout with Keaira LaShae is an electrifying total-body fat-burning dance routine that is designed to fire up your weight loss potential while sculpting lean muscle from head to toe through a unique series of high intensity urban dance moves that will have you twerking away the calories out on the dance floor. Turn up the burn and unleash your fierce side with Fitness and Music Star, Keaira LaShae as she leads you through this supercharged 17 minute segment from the all new “Burn to the Beat- Dance Intervals” fitness series that features a warm-up, cool-down and result-driven moves like hip rolls, shoulder rolls, side to sides, chest openers, nola bounces, booty pop side lunges, booty pop step outs, windmill booty pops, “get low” booty pop pushes, cat stretches, stretching variations and many more that will reveal lean definition and a stronger and healthier new you. Work multiple muscle groups simultaneously as you tone the abs, arms, legs, booty, chest, back, obliques, shoulders and thighs with this special formula that features 4 rounds of 5 moves for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off, followed by a 30 second rest period. Be sure to hydrate in between intervals to prevent injury and maximize results. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout that can be modified to fit all skill levels by adjusting interval durations and rest periods. Become your best as you shake your booty to the beat of some of today’s hottest workout music. Shape the body that you want with one of the best in the business, only on BeFiT! Click here for more workouts from BeFiT’s Burn to the Beat Series:
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