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Eating Korean Food in Osaka, Japan

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Of course, we couldn't resist trying some Korean Food in Japan during our visit!

For those who may not know, we used to live in South Korea where we taught English, so when we learned that Osaka has the largest Korea Town in all of Japan (Tsuruhashi), we had to visit! We rode the subway to Tsuruhashi Station, and we exited into a covered shopping arcade.

There were lots of Korean BBQ restaurants, but that's not what we were in the mood for. We wanted our favourites: Pajeon (scallion pancake with seafood), Sundubu Jjigae (spicy soft tofu and vegetable stew), and Dolsot Bibimbap (hot stone pot mixed rice with vegetables).

It took lots of walking around, but we eventually found a place serving some traditional Korean dishes. This particular restaurant was run by a couple from Korea, and their cooking was delicious!

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Eating Korean Food in Osaka, Japan Travel Food Video Transcript:

Today we are going to be exploring Tsuruhashi (鶴橋駅) which is Koreantown here in Osaka. But this isn't your average Korea Town. This is the largest one in all of Japan. Yeah. So when we found out there is a Korea Town here we were pretty pumped. The plan is to go over there eat some delicious Korean food and check out the town and see what it is all about.

We saw a lot of barbecue restaurants and we saw some street food but we're more in the mood for kind of like a sit down meal. Yeah. Korean pancakes and Korean rice. That kind of thing. Korean soup. Yes, Korean soups. So we found a little place this is like way way from the main strip.

First dish has made it. We are having the jeon. It just arrived at the table. It is still sizzling. That looks so good guys. This one has uh so thick.

It has octopus and scallions. Spring onions. Scallions. That is the name I'm trying to remember the English name. It is seafood haemul pajeon (해물파전)). And I'm dipping it in this vinegar based sauce. It also has a bit of chili in there. And it just smells so good.

Oh and the side dishes. Let's not forget that. We have the kimchi.

Fermented cabbage. Bean sprouts. Yep. I think that is gongnamul.

Now my main dish. This is the one I ordered. I got the Sundubu-jjigae (순두부찌개)) which is a tofu stew. You've got to stir that.

Oh this one also has a bit of seafood. That is awesome. Clams. Is that what you call those? It does come with seafood. Some chives. Lots of spice.

And look at all of the dobu. The tofu.

And a bowl of rice on the side.

That can't be missing in a Korean meal.

Sam's main is here. My favorite part guys. Time to mix the dolsot bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥). Before we do that we've got to put the gochujang which is the red pepper paste. I like it a lot. It is sizzling. And we let the rice sizzle for a long time so it should be burnt to a crisp. Look at that. Oh yeah.

Look at that perfection. Burnt to a crisp. Nice and golden. That is the way to do it guys. That is why you get the stone pot as opposed to the regular one. Look at how crispy that is.

This has been a wonderful meal. A great find. A hole in the wall place. Love it. Loving it. Just absolutely loving it. And we're getting our we've been craving Korean food for a while so we're getting our fix.

The price point came to 2700 Yen which I think is like $24 to 25 US dollars. And we both ate a lot of food. We basically had three big mains. Lots of side dishes.

So now that we've had our food and we are no longer feeling you know ravenous we'll go around and show you a bit of Korea Town.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine. Or in this case, Korean cuisine in Japan!

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