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Gift Ideas | Jewelry Making

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Watch more How to Make Jewelry videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/474747-How-to-Make-Jewelry-with-Courtney-Gray-Jewelry-MakingGet some ideas for handmade jewelry you can make to give as gifts from jewelry designer Courtney Gray in this Howcast video.Courtney Gray: Welcome to Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin, online at creativeside.org. I'm Courtney Gray. I started my school here, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, four years ago. I'm here in Austin, and I'm going to tell you about jewelry making today.Today I'm going to talk to you about some fun gift ideas in jewelry making. There's a ton of great items out there on the market. This is a beautiful piece of resin jewelry. You can take pre-made bezels like this. Take a nice image of the photo or a momento, and you can put that behind the resin. You pour the resin in, and it sets up kind of like an epoxy. We teach that here at Creative Side, how to work with resin, but it's something that you can do at home as well. It may take some trial and error, so you may not want to use that piece of momento right away.There's color resins out there that you can use, beaded necklaces are always a lovely gift idea, as well as wire-wrapped pendants, wire-wrapped earrings. Getting a custom piece made is a great solution to a gift idea. Incorporate birthstones or gem stones that might be personal to that person. You can absolutely come up with a custom piece for someone. Sketch it out and depending on what your gift idea is, we're absolutely available to help you bring that to life.
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