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Essential Jewelry-Making Supplies | Jewelry Making

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Watch more How to Make Jewelry videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/480439-How-to-Find-Wholesale-Supplies-Jewelry-MakingLearn about essential jewelry-making supplies from jewelry designer Courtney Gray in this Howcast video.Courtney Gray: Welcome to Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin, online at creativeside.org. I'm Courtney Gray. I started my school here, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, four years ago. I'm here in Austin, and I'm going to tell you about jewelry making today.There's lots of supplies out there that you can start gathering to make fabulous jewelry. A sheet—it comes in all thicknesses, all gauges. Usually if you're buying copper or brass, it'll come about this size. And then you can cut it down to what you need, saw out your designs depending on what you're trying to create.There's different tubing and wire stock out there that you can purchase, different diameters, different thicknesses, different wall thicknesses, a lot of people using tubing to set stones in. There's a number of other supplies that you can buy that are pre-cut, such as these disks. They are already cut into nice little circles, so you can create findings, or little decorations for your beaded work. You can drill holes and put jumper rings and make little pendants.Different wire diameters out there, and this is a 16 gauge wire, and you can use that to create clasps or findings. You determine most widths by millimeter gauge.Now if you're working in wax, you want to consider different wax material that's out there. Usually, it comes in sheets like this, and you can cut your design from this, or uh, a lot of people do cad, and they use this type of material to cut your designs out of. It also comes in ring stock, as well as sheet wax that you can bend and form and fabricate with to set up for casting.Start gathering a few materials is my suggestion, and just start experimenting.
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