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How to Find Wholesale Supplies | Jewelry Making

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Watch more How to Make Jewelry videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/480388-How-to-Pick-a-JewelryMaking-Kit-Jewelry-MakingLearn how to find wholesale jewelry making supplies from jewelry designer Courtney Gray in this Howcast video.Courtney Gray: Welcome to Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin, online at creativeside.org. I'm Courtney Gray. I started my school here, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, four years ago. I'm here in Austin, and I'm going to tell you about jewelry making today.Ok, I'm going to tell you guys about where to find wholesale jewelry-making supply companies. There's a ton out there. You can find a lot of them online. Try them out. You can give them a call, see who you want to work with. A lot of places now do not require tax ID, which is really exciting. It used to be, you needed to be in the jewelry trade to get jewelry-making supplies. You can actually call up and set up an account a little bit easier these days. So you can start gathering some of the essential things that you need from these wholesale jewelry supplies. If you are gonna do a lot of ordering, a lot of supplies and tools that you need. You definitely want to go ahead and get your DVA and probably a tax ID. And a lot more companies will be willing to work with you if they see that you are in business, and you are legitimately using the materials to create pieces to resell.A lot of places don't have a local jewelry supply place, so its tough to buy goods hands-on. You need to maybe go to one of the large jewelry shows that happen. There's a big show in Tucson every year. The Annual International Gem and Jewelry Show that travels around and hits a lot of the US. You can find them on intergem.com, and find out about their next show, and hopefully it'll be near you. You can go buy direct from the wholesale market. But again, you will need you DVA, you will need the tax id to go into the wholesale area. You can buy retail, no problem, but they do want you to have a tax ID for that. We order a lot of our supplies from a company called Rio Grande. You can find them online at riogrande.com. They're very friendly, you could call them up and ask about the materials that you need, ask the best way to order them, as well as set up an account with them.So, good luck with finding your whole sale supplies and good luck with making jewelry.
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